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  • Congolese Refugees Risk Lives to Flee DRC's Ituri Province
  • Four Congolese drown while fleeing to Uganda
  • Fleeing DR Congo violence, thousands take perilous lake journey to Uganda – UN
  • Thousands flee DR Congo fighting to Uganda: UN
  • 200000 displaced by ethnic clashes in DR Congo: sources
  • 200000 displaced by ethnic clashes in DR Congo: Humanitarian source
  • Thousands flee DRC fighting to Uganda: UN
  • Congo violence forces over 22000 to flee to Uganda
  • World View: Thousands of DR Congo Refugees Pour into Uganda to Escape Tribal Violence
  • Congolese refugees perish as growing numbers seek safety in Uganda
  • Congolese Situation - Responding to the needs of displaced Congolese and refugees - Supplementary Appeal ...
  • Zimbabwe President Announces First Post-Mugabe Elections

    President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe says the country will hold elections in four to five months, the first since the ouster of longtime ruler Robert Mugabe ...

  • Ethiopia Approves Ban on Foreign Adoptions

    Ethiopian lawmakers passed a resolution Tuesday that will ban foreign adoption of Ethiopian children amid concerns of mistreatment overseas. The new measure was ...

  • Magazeti ya Tanzania - Tanzania Newspapers | Magazetini

    The U.N. refugee agency reports thousands of people are taking deadly flight as ethnic violence grows in Democratic Republic of Congo's Ituri Province.

  • Bekjempe fattigdom med mer trygd? | Somalia & Norway ...

    Bekjempe fattigdom med mer trygd? Innlegget til Bandehy stod på trykk i gårsdagens Aftenposten. Bakgrunnen for debatten er nye SSB-tall som vi mener ...

  • 14 | November | 2011 | MultiethnicSociety

    3 posts published by multiethnicsociety on November 14, 2011

  • Amiin Arts oo weeraray Madaxweynaha Maamulka Puntland C ...

    Daawo Kartoonka uu Amiin Arts ka sameeyay C/Raxmaan Faroole iyo wiilkiisa Mar 07 2012 (Moment Media Group) - Iyadoo maal-mihii ugu dambeysay Madaxweynaha Maamulka ...

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