Finland to probe claims of Russia disrupting GPS

Finland's GPS signal was disrupted during NATO's recent military drills and Russia may have been the culprit, according to Finland's prime minister. The apparent jamming also affected air traffic in Norway.

Finland's GPS was disrupted during NATO war games and Russia could be responsible - PM

Finland's GPS signal was intentionally disrupted during NATO war games in the Nordic countries over the past few weeks and the culprit could be ...

Juha Sipilä said the perpetrator wanted to demonstrate its ability to undermine aviation GPS networks.

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Veterans Day should remind us of the perils of escalation

American leaders must understand how cycles of escalation happen and how to break them before they get out of hand.

Fisher: Past threats, future danger – war games also about remembering

Trondheim, Norway – As Canadians at home were gearing up for Remembrance Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to give NATO a poke in the eye.

NATO’s largest military exercise in years has reportedly irked Russia. Pilots in Finland and Norway taking part in NATO’s biggest military exercise in years, the Trident Juncture, have ...