Sisto Lane: Name change mooted for Pellegrini's laneway Sisto Lane: Name change mooted for Pellegrini's laneway

Council are aware of suggestions to change the name of a Melbourne laneway to honour the much-loved restaurateur killed in the Bourke Street terror attack and are making inquiries. 

Bourke street attack: Terrorist's mass murder plans foiled by rapid response, Ashton says Terrorist's mass murder plans foiled by rapid response, Ashton says

Immediate police response to Friday’s lone terror attack in Bourke Street thwarted the knife-wielding offender’s plans to kill people, Chief Commissioner says.

Cash pours in for homeless hero from Melbourne

The man dubbed 'trolley man' had used a shopping cart to halt last week's deadly lone wolf terror attack in Melbourne. Now he is being unexpectedly rewarded by grateful citizens.

Top Vic police stand by terror monitoring

Top Victorian police maintain a Melbourne terrorist showed no particularly concerning behaviour before he launched a deadly attack in the CBD.

Attack doesn't stop thousands from attending Aussie WWI memorial

World News - MELBOURNE: Thousands of people attended memorial services across Melbourne to mark the centenary of the Armistice ending World War One, shrugging off heightened security after Friday's attack in Australia's second largest city which police branded... Read more at

Michael Rogers, 46, lept into action when Hassan Khalif Shire Ali went on his crazed rampage in the Australian city

Karl arcs up at ‘politically correct’ terror response

Karl Stefanovic has launched a scathing attack on the “timid” critics who wanted police to refrain from shooting a knife-wielding terrorist.

Why are we giving terrorists refuge?

Friday’s terrorist attack was our fifth by Muslim refugees — so why are we running a program that has killed five Australians, asks Andrew Bolt.

Donations flow in for Melbourne attack's 'Trolley Man'

A homeless man who used a shopping trolley to fend off a knife-wielding attacker as he stabbed at police in Melbourne has been unexpectedly rewarded by grateful citizens who had donated more than A$50,000 (£28,000) by Sunday evening to help him.

Australians donate to 'trolley hero'

Thousands donate to help a homeless man who tackled a Melbourne knife attacker using a trolley.

PM’s comments were careless